Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things:

At Christmas time we get to enjoy a few of our favorite things! Here are some of mine...

All things Borders!!! Including, but not limited to: Harry Potter, Twilight, and Iced Mocha Lattes..

Dust it by Osis!! I absolutely love this hair product.. It is a fine powder that you put on your roots for body and lift. It really is fabulous.

What would we do without Hobby Lobby, right?? This is my mom's favorite too:)

I also love Ulta in Dogwood.. I just recently discovered this little hidden treasure and though it may be expensive, they have everything and anything pertaining to beauty you want! My new favorite Ulta product is the spa renewal scrub ($6.00)! p.s. you can find dust it here-if they're not sold out!

Two of my favorite people are my husband and my sister!! They have always believed in me and will always own a piece of my heart!

Two of my food addictions are Majestic Burger's sweet potato fries and Berry Berry Good!! I share my love of the plain tart yogurt with Suzanne!! I ALWAYS get plain tart with sprinkles and fruity pebbles, yummy!! At least the yogurt is low-fat:)

I also love the New Orleans Saints and wish them luck in the playoffs!!

I love love love boots!! I think every girl should own a pair of boots:) My favorite brand is Steve Madden..

And my last favorite thing is This is my newest addiction! I love reading and writing and this website is where you can do both! I just finished a short story to my husband and I am working on another writing project. You hold the copyright to the book that you are creating and other people can order your book online!! Again thanks Suzanne for introducing me to this wonderful site..

The End


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